Elite Gate - Fully Aluminium Automatic Gate


  • You don’t need a gatekeeper or a security guard to operate
  • Save your time by not waiting for your Security Guard or wake up anyone when you are home late night, you just have to press the Wireless Remote
  • You don’t need to get down from your car if your Security guards don’t come on work
  • It’s raining or if its scorching summer noon, just stay in your car or home and open your gates, automatically
  • No hassles of locking the gate with huge and heavy locks and carrying numerous keys
  • The Wireless remote is equipped with a feature to control your driveway lights or Gate light, so you don’t have to enter a dark house and then look for a switch to turn ON the lights
  • The Wireless Base Station comes with unique features to ensure maximum comforts:
    • Vacation mode
    • Open/Close
    • Trigger BAS
    • Change settings of FCS
    • Adjust ERS with Burglar protection
    • Turn ON/OFF your Driveway light/ Gate light


  • Unlike ordinary gates, Elite Gates don’t need extra locks or keys to lock it manually, locking system is entirely automated
  • It is proven by statistics that 93% of robberies never happen if there is an Alarm system installed. The ERS system with Burglar protection ensures No Break-in as it would trigger the alarm immediately if anyone tries to break-in
  • Elite Gates comes with FCS technology (Fail Close System) where you can set the timer as per your convenience. This ensures that your gate closes even if you fail to click on the Close button yourself
  • Elite Gate is equipped with BAS (Built-in Attention System) to trigger the Alarm in any panic situation if arises from your Wireless Base station
  • Every Elite Gate comes with a unique Laser Cut Stand-by emergency keys. It cannot be duplicated


Fail Close System with main gates

Elite Automatic Gates reduce the chance of anyone to hurt their fingers or get struck by the edge while operating or kids playing

  • Your car will no longer get scratched or dented due to wind or unopened gate panel, as the Gate will always be in the right position and won’t rebound or change its position due to wind
  • It’s important that an automated gate should be equipped with an emergency reversing system to ensure any person or a pet don’t get hurt while the gates are closing. Elite Gate comes with ERS (Emergency Reversing System) technology which would reverse the gate back to its Open position if any obstruction comes in between

No Rails, No Tracks, No Hassles

  • Our Gate system does not require any Rails or Tracks at all. The mechanism and design is such that the Wall brackets are enough to support the gate with Patented 3 turning point Arm Lock system which gives perfect folds and additional security to prevent any unwanted Break-in
  • Yes, that’s true. The Automated Trackless Gates by Delux Unigate is a patented product and has been rocking the market in South East Asia since 2009
special function of unigate is no need any roller or track

Can be installed even on Uneven Pillars - "360 Degree Adjustable Hinges"

suitable for uneven pillars upto 30 feet wide
  • You have uneven pillars, no need to worry! We will not ask you to make any structural changes on your house gate pillars.
  • Our gates come as a composite mechanism which is mounted on the pillars with 12 durable Wall Brackets on the pillars which is with 360 degree adjustable hinges which allows vertical & horizontal adjustments to maximize access space. This allows it to be installed on UNEVEN PILLARS to balance the Gate Degree

It can carry up to 30 feet wide gates!

  • We are the only brand which can carry and support a heavy metallic structure gate of 30 feet wide with 10 feet height WITHOUT any middle support or any guide rails.
  • A complete clean movement made possible by 12 pieces locking process on the pillars to balance out the weight.
30 feet wide gates without any intermediate piller