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Elite Gates introduces World’s First Automatic Fully Aluminium Trackless Folding Gates in India


It's Secure

Elite Gates equipped with customized 3-turning point arm lock system. This revolutionized lock system provides a security features on gate panels making it hard for robbers to break-in.


It's Stylish

Elite Automatic Trackless Fully Aluminium Gates uses state-of-the-art technology to curate and bring to your home a complete innovative package of Automated Gating Solution


It's Durable

It can support up to 30 feet width open and close without having to follow a standard track that is built into the floor.

no track or roller required for elite gate

No  Track  and  Rollers

No standard track or rollers required for open or close the Doors

Unigate is easy to clean

Easy To Clean

It easier for you to clean your garage without the fear of trapped dirt or water

elite gate also flexible for even or un-even piller

Adjustable hinges

Adjustable hinges & heavy duty bearing for smooth operation

three portable turning point unigate

3 Turning Point

3 Turning Point arm lock system secure 2 panels of the gate to reduce break-in cases

Elite Gate

Elite Gates is fully Customisable to your choice. You also have an option to choose from our variety of over 100 designs and customization. Supports up to 30 feet wide gate & can be installed in Uneven pillars too to balance the gate degree. Trackless folding gate system patented. We Won the HOMEDEC Quality Award in October 2009

Firstly, it is a trusted brand and meets the international standard. Also, it comprises various trendy designs, and promises substantial warranty period and less maintenance. The gate is of good value for money. Besides, the DELUX UNIGATE is of high quality, definitely defect-free.I would say that the gate is reliable, awesome, well-secured and hassle-free.


I chose DELUX UNIGATE because it had a very sustainable appearance and convincing features. Upon installing DELUX UNIGATE, I felt that my home was very well-protected. It was a safe feeling like never before.

Sholikhin Samson

The DELUX UNIGATE advertisement is very convincing, it delivers a strong sense of security, and that is how I felt I could try out this product. Upon installing the gate, my family and I feel very protected and safe.

Amy Chng

DELUX UNIGATE provides a variety of designs to choose from. Their trackless gate system and safety features installed within the gate are very Covincing and easy to operate. It's easy to maintain in terms of painting , and the material used are anti-rust. The trackless system is quite useful, as in it prevents surface water ponding. It's value for money, not to mention their aesthetic looking design and quality materials used- these are great factors that encourages people to want this product.

Aminurrashid Ahmad

The looks elegant , well built and we had multiple design to choose from , we even had options to purchase additional different designs for part of gate that we could then change periodically. Also , we received good explanation and details of the product and warranty by their representative, The is an additional safety protection using infared beams that detect if someone or something is in the way that will then stop the gate from closing.

Winston Das & Family

Stay safe with the advance trackless folding gate system by DeLUX UniGate

There is more to gates than just being a pretty face outside your house. It acts as a safety net and is the first defence to your home. It should keep your family protected, and there is nothing more secure than a UniGate by DeLUX.

UniGate by DeLUX, the first fully aluminium trackless folding gate system that is patented (MY-144605- A) and made in Malaysia. In 2009, DeLUX unveiled UniGate and it was acknowledged as one of the most innovative trackless folding gate system in the market and received good feedbacks from users and customers. The beauty and elegance of the UniGate design collections suit to most of the home lifestyle and overall concept of the home. Also, its privacy and security features add more value to your home which makes UniGate a worthy and smart investment for home owners.

Most conventional folding gates look perfect on the outside, but over the years, common problems emerge when tracks and roller begin to sink, damaging beautiful and expensive floor tiles are scratched during track installation. The common problem of sinking tracks used in typical automatic gate systems affects the gate’ operations, giving owners more headaches that necessary. With UniGate’trackless folding gate systems, you’ll never have to face this problem again.


Size supported

Up 30 feet width and 10 feet height


No track, no roller, no trouble,

Normal gate tracks usually sink or the rollers get unhinged after a few years of usage. UniGate trackless folding gate system allows for easy garage cleaning as dirt is not trap in. Water flows easily without hindrance and sweeping dirt out becomes a breeze.



High security technology

UniGate is equipped with a customize 3 turning point arm locking system. This revolutionized locking system provides a secure grip on each gate panels making it hard for robbers to break-in.


No repaint needs

The UniGate’s finish with premium hard outdoor powder- coating to withstand for the hot and wet Malaysia climate, ensures a more resistant on chipping, scratching, fading and there’s no painting maintenance are required



Quality ensure

Deluxe Unigate’s aluminium frame is produced using a Patented German Welding Technique called Pulse Welding.It is ideal to weld our 3 mm thick aluminium profiles as it not only reduces the distortion but also decreases the heat affected zone and spatter. This produces a highly uniform and stable weld joint. This coupled with Intra-profile inner support results in profiles as strong as steel but way lighter.


Wider Opening

UniGate allows opening beyond 100% for easy car entry and exits as the customized arm support helps to save at least 50% of the space.


Power backup

UniGate comes with 48-hour back-up power for uninterrupted operations.


Durable Support

Customized pillar support with 12 locking points to balance the weight of the gate on the pillar.



360 Adjustable

With DeLUX’s cutting-edge engineering cast adjustable hinges allow vertically and horizontally adjustment and it can be adjust the level of gate on uneven pillar.


Enhance lifespan of Motor

Build in with 30pcs heavy duty copper bush bearing for smooth operation and enhance life-span of motor.



Child Safety

The UniGate is equipped with an auto reverse sensor that will detect your kids or any object and avoid them from being clipped in between the gates during closing.


Triggle it before they happen

The UniGate also comes with a built-in alarm system which can be triggle by remote control. Protect yourself and loved one when any emergency cases.



Keep your family & property safe

With the UniGate 3 tier protection with patented 3 turning points arm lock system and anti-force latch provide you a double protection that will prevent force break-in. While the secure stopper will stabilize the gate system to ensure the gate is in locking state always while it is closed.


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